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Organizations need to better align technology with their unique business processes. A business app is a solution created to enhance existing processes and services or adapt to emerging operational patterns.

These applications can be created with no or low amounts of code by end users. These applications can be created quickly and easily and integrated with other systems. The goal of the business app is to empower process owners to combine data and processes to rapidly deliver a more tailored solution.

In the modern workplace, information workers have so many productivity tools and systems at their fingertips, often with overlapping capabilities, that navigating through them can decrease productivity. The focus has evolved toward technologies that help organizations and individuals better manage the data they create, and the automated and intelligent experiences needed to navigate and share this data.

This is an in-person or virtual event for Business and IT Decision Makers, and frontline employees to learn about the potential use cases for apps in your organization. At this event you’ll also learn:

·       Gather – Business apps provide a better approach to capturing and managing business data. By simply creating an application that can be accessed on any device and from anywhere, the business will see benefits. Adding specific features to the business app, such as data aggregation, validation, and form components, can ensure the integrity of the captured data before it is stored.

·       Automate – As business processes become more complicated, and organizations look for a cost-saving for core tasks, business apps can become a valuable tool, allowing common and repetitive tasks to be completed easily. Using an event-based model, combined with the integration of other applications, the business app becomes the central control for workflows, tasks and processes. By streamlining these processes using business apps, organizations can reduce the time and effort it takes to complete important tasks, which in-turn reduces the overall cost to the organization.

·       Create – As data is gathered and stored, most organizations then report and analyze the data to help them stay informed on trends and make better decisions.  Business apps, such as Power BI, can utilize the captured data, and report and analyze the data as needed. This provides a powerful platform that will allow organizations to make quicker and better-informed decisions based on true metrics. The reporting capabilities available within business apps, enable people and teams to find better ways of completing their tasks and work.


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