Whether its building apps without code or building dashboards from raw data, we have several offers that fit your business needs.

App in a Day

A business app is a solution created to enhance existing processes and services or adapt to emerging operational patterns.

These applications can be created with no or low amounts of code by end users. These applications can be created quickly and easily and integrated with other systems. The goal of the business app is to empower process owners to combine data and processes to rapidly deliver a more tailored solution.

Dashboard in a Day

Book a session with us to understand how Modern Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics on the Microsoft platform can transform your business by harnessing the power of data and making insights available to everyone.

This is an in-person or virtual event for Business and IT Decision Makers, and Data Analysts to learn about the potential use cases for BI in your organization.

Data Governance Workshop

The journey of data governance and compliance with relevant regulation starts with understanding the maturity of people, processes and technology at your organization. Our detailed workshops is focused on this.

It is important to understand that the assessment will not access (personal) data or analyze it, the assessments will look at the people, process and technology your organization uses to work with the data.

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Analytics in a Day

Microsoft Discover: Analytics in a Day is designed to simplify and accelerate your journey towards using a modern data warehouse to power your business. Our Azure data experts will lead you through an analytics holistic view from data ingestion to business intelligence, empower self-service, and enable a truly data-driven culture in your business.

Microsoft AI

AI in a Day

Azure AI is designed to help you think differently about developing cloud applications when AI is part of the solution set. You’ll learn how to build machine learning models, bots, and AI apps and get a deeper understanding of Azure AI services so you can envision Azure-enabled AI projects for your company

Security Workshop

The workshop is intended to be delivered as a three-day engagement showcasing core IT and user security scenarios through hands-on activities that lead to developing joint plans and recommending next steps.